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5 signs your website needs an update

You’ve had your website for a while. How do you know it’s ready for an update?

Here are our 5 top signs that a website refresh is overdue:

Website Speed and SEO

Your content is out of date

If your last blog post or case study was from 2016, you’re in trouble! Blogging is a wonderful tool to share your experience and expertise with your customers, however it can work against you if you don’t have time to post regularly. If your content is obviously very old customers may be left with the impression that you’re no longer in business. They certainly won’t feel as confident to make contact with you than if your website content is fresh, relevant and compelling. If you don’t have time to maintain your blog you have two choices (a) engage a copywriter to write your blog posts for you or (b) remove your blog from your website. Not having a blog on your site is much better than having one that is obviously out of date.

But it’s not just blogging that can get you in to trouble. Perhaps you’ve amended your service offering. Or you’ve increased your product range. You may have even opened a new location. If these details aren’t reflected on your website, then you risk losing sales. Your website is your face to the world. It’s essential to keep your content up to date so that it continues to reflect your business in the best possible light!

Uninspired layout

Technology moves fast. It’s a fact. What was once dynamic and appealing tends to lose it’s shine after a couple of years. If your website layout is looking tired or it doesn’t feature any dynamic elements that engage customers, then it’s probably time for a redesign.

Your website is not responsive across all device sizes

We’ve been talking about this a lot over the past few years. Google now actively penalises websites that do not render well across all screen sizes. Not only that, research tells us that over 50% of customers will view your website from their phone. If your website doesn’t display well on all devices, then quite simply you risk losing business from your customers who are viewing your site on their tablets or phones. After all, your competitors are only a click away…

Your website is not secure

If your website still operates from http protocol, then it is not secure. Again this is something that Google is actively penalising and you’ve probably seen your search rankings suffer. It is also something that web browsers are penalising with sites operating from http displaying ‘not secure’ warnings, which does not present your business at all favourably. In fact, when presented with these warnings most visitors to your site will close the browser tab and not view your site. It is essential that your website operate on https protocol to give your customers a sense of confidence when dealing with you online.

Your phone numbers are not 'clickable'

As mentioned previously, over 50% of people will now view websites from their phone. One of the primary objectives of websites is to facilitate contact between your business and customers, so let’s make it easy for them! Phone numbers must now be ‘clickable’ so visitors to your site can simply ‘click’ the phone number and be calling you in an instant. If your phone numbers are not ‘clickable’ on your website, then it’s definitely time for an update!

What’s the good news?

Webhance Digital can assist you with all of the above. Whether it’s updating your content, making your phone numbers ‘clickable’, redesigning your website to improve it’s responsiveness and layout or converting to https protocol – we have the skills and experience to make it happen!

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