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Blogging for Business

It’s no secret. Google loves fresh, relevant content and the more you have of it on your website the higher your ranking will be in search results. But how can you keep your content fresh? Blog…and do it regularly.

Blogging for Business
There are many reasons why maintaining a current blog is good for business (besides SEO), such as:

It gives you an opportunity to tell your story

Use your blog to let your customers know what’s happening in your business. Are you opening a new store? launching a new product? developing new skills? Your blog is the perfect place to keep your customers up to date. And it enables you to share your personality and develop rapport. Your website sets the tone for the interaction customers are likely to have with your business. Keep your content authentic using your ‘voice’. By giving visitors to your site a sense of who you are they are more likely to want to do business with you.

Demonstrating your expertise

As well as discussing what’s happening with your business, your blog is the perfect platform to demonstrate your knowledge about your industry. Use your blog to establish yourself as an expert in your field and share your knowledge generously. A sense of trust will be developed that may encourage that initial first contact (and hopefully new business).


It goes like this – you write a blog post, someone comments on it, you respond to their comment and all of a sudden you have a conversation going. It may or may not lead to new business this time, but if the exchange is favourable you can be sure that your new friend will recommend your services if given the chance. Pretty powerful stuff!

So, blogging is great for SEO, demonstrating your knowledge and connecting with your customers. But it’s so time consuming I hear you say…

You’re right. Crafting good blog posts does take time. But it’s an investment in your website and ultimately your business. If you spend just two hours a month creating two blog posts you will be building significant content into your website, improving your SEO and building your business’ profile. Think of it as time spent on marketing and just do it!

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