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Is your website mobile friendly?

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In April 2015 Google implemented one of its toughest algorithms to date. Termed ‘mobilegeddon’ this update severely penalises websites that are not mobile friendly.  If your website doesn’t render well on mobile phones, it will no longer rank well in search results conducted on these devices. And, unfortunately for you, research suggests that 80% of people are likely to search for goods and services on their mobile phones.


It’s a small consolation, but your search rankings will not drop if people are searching for your site using their PC or laptop. However, if they’re searching using their phone it’s unlikely you’ll appear in search results at all if your website isn’t mobile friendly. And in an environment where your competitors are only a click away, you really want to make sure your website performs well across all devices!


It has been a practice of Webhance to code all sites to be responsive for a couple of years now. What does this mean? A responsive website is one that reconfigures itself to fit the browser size of the device it’s being viewed on. Responsive websites render well on PC’s, tablets and mobile phones.  So, if we designed your site within the last two years you have absolutely nothing to worry about!


How do you know if your website is mobile friendly?

Thankfully Google has launched a number of tools to help you assess if your website is mobile friendly.  Access Google’s Mobile Friendly Test here and see how your site performs…


If your site is not responsive, talk to Julie today about a site redesign that will see your search rankings returned to where they were prior to the implementation of mobilegeddon.