Thanks for providing details for your new Shopify store. I’m excited to be bringing your new venture to life! Here’s what happens now:

  • I’ll prepare a proposal for you that confirms your package and any add ons, outlines how we work and clarifies your payment options.
  • Once you’ve approved our proposal I’ll spend time with you to further understand your requirements, including branding. I’ll also send a ‘Product’ spreadsheet that will assist you in getting your product information together.
  • Wireframes will then be created, which are site mock ups of how your new store will look. Once we have this design perfected I’ll start building your new Shopify store and configuring all functionality.
  • Once the shell of your site has been created, your draft site will be shared with you so you’re able to review. Any tweaking will be completed at this stage.
  • You’ll then be asked to share all content with us – text, imagery and branding files. You can share this with us via Google Drive, DropBox or email.
  • Your new store will be populated with your content, refined and tested for mobile responsiveness and speed.
  • Final sign off and ‘go live’

I’ll be in touch in the next few days! If you’d prefer to have a chat about your project please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0408 569 511.

Many thanks,