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How do you know it’s time for a website redesign?

Or if not a redesign, a good look at your content?

My suggestion is at least every two years for a content refresh and at least every four years for a redesign.

Website Redesign

Here’s why:

As our catch cry states – your website is your face to the world – and it’s essential that it represents your business professionally. This means that it must communicate what you do and who you are today, not what you did a few years back. Let’s face it. Things change. You may have expanded your services or industry base. You probably have new products and potentially new brands too. You may have worked on some cool projects that will excite your clients. It’s important to communicate these changes to the world, and the best way to do that is via your website.

Google loves fresh content. We can’t get away from it. SEO and Search rankings are important. One of the things Google looks for in a website is its currency – how frequently content is updated. A content refresh will really help you climb those rankings.

Technology changes. Fast. What was desirable four years ago, looks old and dated now. Updating your site will give you the opportunity to deploy features that fit your current purpose – dynamically!

Should you be thinking of a website redesign?

A lot can change in your business in two years. If your website hasn’t been updated in some time, it’s probably worth looking at your content at the very least. Take a look at your website with fresh eyes and ask yourself a couple of key questions:


Does your website still effectively tell your story?


Does your website still accurately depict your current products and services?


Is it easy for potential customers to understand who we are and how to contact us?


Is my website layout easy to navigate, professional and dynamic? Or does it look tired and dated?


Does my website render well across all devices – phone, tablet, PC?

If your answers are positive, great! Your website is still effectively working for you. If not, get in contact and we can discuss how to refresh your web presence and make sure its representing you in the best possible light.

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