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Rachel Glasgow is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with more than 40 years experience.

Responsive WordPress website design counsellor

About this project

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel Glasgow Psychotherapist in Sydney for over ten years.

Most recently we refreshed Rachel’s website on the WordPress content management system. On entering the site, time is taken to introduce the visitor to Rachel. Being a counsellor/psychotherapist it’s very important to give the visitor a sense of who Rachel is and how she works to help them ascertain if she is the right fit for them. We utilised video to help achieve this. Design-wise, we kept the colour palette neutral with one contrast colour to help convey warmth and the site super simple to navigate with use of call to action elements and accordion layout to highlight important information.

As with all Webhance designed websites, the site is 100% responsive. This means the site reconfigures its layout to render well on all devices from large desktop screens to tablet and mobile phones.

We continue to be engaged by Rachel Glasgow to provide website maintenance and hosting services.

Home Page Layout

Rachel Glasgow Homepage Layout

Services Page Layout

Rachel Glasgow Services Page Layout

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